Excitement is in the air as Sarasota County announces a $65 million renovation project that promises to bring a new vibrance and energy to our community.

Just 3 miles from Gracewater at Sarasota, the 17th Street Regional Park is set to undergo an extraordinary transformation. This change aligns harmoniously with our community’s dedication to luxury and an enriched lifestyle.


A Groundbreaking Park Renovation

At the heart of this renovation is a versatile athletic complex, a beacon for sports enthusiasts featuring state-of-the-art artificial turf fields for football, soccer, and lacrosse. Not just a haven for local residents, the park aspires to be a stage for championship softball, inviting out-of-area tournaments and fostering a spirited atmosphere of competition and camaraderie.

Conveniently located just three miles from Gracewater at Sarasota, this reimagined park will enhance the vibrant community lifestyle, offering residents easy access to premium recreational facilities and becoming a cornerstone for sports and community gatherings in Sarasota.

Supporting our Beautiful Sarasota Waterfront

Sarasota County is making thoughtful decisions to help our waterfront and the businesses there thrive. They’ve taken a pause on some rules to give a helping hand to small businesses like fishing charters and tour boats.

It’s all about keeping the waterfront alive and buzzing for everyone, especially for us living in Gracewater at Sarasota. Every choice made is a step toward keeping our beautiful shores vibrant and full of life for years to come!


Cultivating Arts and Community Services

Sarasota’s commitment to art and culture resonates through approved funding agreements, emphasizing the importance of community spaces that encourage artistic expression and cultural exploration. Imagine more places where we can explore and enjoy all kinds of art!

On top of that, Sarasota’s history is getting some extra attention, too. Our charming historical buildings and sites are getting a well-deserved round of applause, blending the richness of history with our vibrant present. It’s all about celebrating where we come from while basking in the now, keeping our surroundings lively, enchanting, and full of tales waiting to be told! It’s like mixing the old with the new, keeping our community vibrant and full of stories!

Join Us in Celebrating This Wonderful News!

As a part of the Gracewater at Sarasota community, these exciting new developments ensure that vibrant, enriching, and thoughtful community enhancements always surround our residents. We are so excited that Gracewater at Sarasota is just around the corner from a reinvigorated park that promises not only stunning athletic facilities but also a nurturing environment for arts, culture, and history.

So, let’s celebrate this triumph! The unfolding of a park that is not just a playground but a testament to the vibrant tapestry of community life in Sarasota. The future shines brighter with promise and exhilarating possibilities, enhancing the undeniable allure of life at Gracewater at Sarasota.

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