Are you asking questions about hurricane season? Gracewater at Sarasota offers Peace of Mind

Understanding Hurricane Season in Sarasota

As lifelong Sarasota residents and construction experts, we understand the importance of being prepared for the Atlantic hurricane season, which runs from June 1st to November 30th, with peak activity between mid-August and late October.

Sarasota, Florida, renowned for its coastal beauty and sunny weather, offers residents over 250 days of sunshine each year. This makes it an attractive place to live, despite the need for hurricane preparedness. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Florida experiences an average of 2 to 3 hurricanes per year, some causing significant damage.

As a homeowner in Sarasota, Florida, being prepared for hurricane season is essential to protect your property and loved ones. While living in this beautiful coastal area comes with many benefits, it also requires proactive measures to ensure your home can withstand the potential impact of storms and that you have the necessary supplies to face any challenges that may arise.


Preparing Your Home and Family for Hurricane Season

While choosing a home with impact-resistant features is a significant first step in preparing for storm season, there are additional measures homeowners should take to safeguard their property and loved ones. Some key actions include:

  1. Trimming trees and removing dead or damaged branches that could pose a threat during high winds
  2. Securing outdoor furniture and decorations that could be blown away or cause damage
  3. Ensuring your gutters and downspouts are clear of debris to prevent water damage
  4. Having a professional inspect your roof for vulnerabilities and making necessary repairs

In addition to preparing your home, it’s crucial to have an emergency plan in place for your family. Create a hurricane kit that includes essential items such as non-perishable food, water, first-aid supplies, flashlights, batteries, and important documents. Make sure everyone in your household knows the evacuation plan and has a way to communicate in case of separation.

For a comprehensive list of items to include in your hurricane supply kit, visit the Florida Disaster website at: https://www.floridadisaster.org/planprepare/hurricane-supply-checklist/.

Preparing for Power Outages and Financial Needs

During a hurricane, power outages are common and can last for several days or even weeks. To ensure that you and your family are prepared for this situation, consider investing in a generator. A generator can provide backup power for essential appliances and devices, such as refrigerators, lights, and cell phone chargers.

It’s also important to have cash on hand in case ATMs and credit card machines are not working due to power outages. Withdraw enough cash to cover essential expenses for at least a week, such as food, gas, and any necessary supplies.


Taking Advantage of Florida’s Disaster Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday

To encourage Floridians to prepare for hurricane season, the state offers a Disaster Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday. In 2024, this tax holiday will kick off on Saturday, June 1 and end on June 14. During this period, you can purchase essential hurricane supplies, such as generators, batteries, and flashlights, without paying sales tax.
Another sales tax holiday will start on August 24 and end on September 6, providing an additional opportunity to stock up on necessary supplies. Take advantage of these tax holidays to ensure that you have everything you need to face potential storms and their aftermath.

Investing in Impact-Resistant Features with Gracewater at Sarasota

Choosing a home at Gracewater at Sarasota means investing in your family’s safety and future. With impact-resistant features like reinforced windows, doors, and sliders, as well as building standards that exceed Sarasota’s strict codes, you can have confidence in your home’s ability to withstand the challenges of hurricane season.
Not only do these features offer peace of mind, but they also provide potential financial benefits through lower insurance costs and increased home value. The convenience of not having to install and remove hurricane shutters every year is an added bonus that makes life in Sarasota just a little bit easier.

If you’re a homeowner in Sarasota or considering purchasing a home in this beautiful coastal area, Gracewater at Sarasota is an excellent option to consider. With its commitment to impact-resistant construction and luxurious amenities, this community offers the best of both worlds – safety and comfort. Don’t wait until the next storm threatens your home; invest in your peace of mind today by exploring the single-family homes at Gracewater at Sarasota.


Gracewater at Sarasota: Going Above and Beyond Building Codes

Gracewater at Sarasota, a single-family home community built by Privada Homes, stands out among other new developments in the area due to its commitment to quality construction. Privada Homes understands the importance of building homes that can withstand the forces of nature, and they have gone above and beyond the Sarasota Building Codes to ensure their homes are well-equipped to handle hurricanes.

Every home in Gracewater at Sarasota features impact-resistant windows, doors, and sliders. These high-quality, reinforced materials are designed to protect your home from flying debris and high winds during a hurricane, providing an extra layer of safety for you and your family. By investing in a home with these features, you can have peace of mind knowing that your property is better prepared to face the challenges of hurricane season.

To learn more about the building codes in Sarasota County, visit the Planning and Development Services website at https://www.scgov.net/government/planning-and-development-services/building.

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