Pets aren’t just pets at Gracewater – they’re part of the family. As an inclusive and welcoming lifestyle community, we’re proud of our commitment to creating environments where every member of your family, including your pets, can feel at home. 

Let’s explore the unique pet-friendly perks at Gracewater, focusing on our crown jewel – Peppa’s Park.


Designing Pet-Friendly Spaces: Unleash the Fun at Gracewater’s Peppa’s Park

Peppa’s Park, a dedicated dog park at Gracewater, isn’t just a wide-open space for your pet to burn off steam. It’s a meticulously designed, well-crafted area that takes into consideration the needs and habits of dogs of all sizes and energy levels.


Pet-Friendly Perks: Fostering a Furry-Friendly Community at Peppa Park


With agility equipment for the sporty pups to shaded rest areas for those who prefer to take things easy, Peppa’s Park is set up to ensure a fun, safe playtime for every pet. The area also includes conveniently placed water stations and waste disposal points, ensuring you and your pet have everything you need for a hassle-free outing.


A Social Hub for Pet Parents: Community-Building and Socializing

Peppa’s Park is not just a haven for our four-legged residents – it’s a vibrant social hub for our pet parents too. Regular events like Yappy Hour and Dog Days of Summer not only provide a variety of fun activities for your pets but also give pet owners an opportunity to socialize and bond over shared experiences.

It’s not just your pet making new friends – you can too. 


Pet-First Amenities and Comprehensive Pet Services

Beyond the green, open spaces of Peppa’s Park, Gracewater offers a host of additional amenities specifically designed with your pets in mind. We provide a comprehensive pet concierge service that includes everything from grooming.

What’s more, we also offer expert advice on pet care and supplies, ensuring that you have all the resources you need to keep your pets healthy and content.


Furry Friends and Lifestyle Goals

At Gracewater, our aim is to create an enriching living experience that caters to all of our residents’ needs, and that includes your furry friends. We believe a truly pet-friendly community is one where pets are not just tolerated but welcomed with open arms.


Designing Pet-Friendly Spaces: Unleash the Fun at Gracewater’s Peppa's Park


With amenities like Peppa’s Park and our personalized pet services, we’re ensuring that life at Gracewater is just as rewarding for our four-legged residents as it is for their human counterparts.

The Pet Experience Living at Gracewater

At Gracewater, our commitment to enhancing the lifestyle of our residents extends to their pets. With amenities like Peppa’s Park and our specialized pet services, we ensure a harmonious and exciting life for all family members, both two-legged and four. 

Discover more about how Gracewater promotes a pet-friendly lifestyle by visiting our amenities page or contacting our team today.

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