An Education In Innovation For Middle School Students.

Starting middle school can be tough on students. As they make the transition from grade school to middle school, both academic expectations and social interactions increase. Plus, students entering middle school have to adjust to a whole new learning environment. The school itself may be larger. In elementary school, students had one of two teachers for core subjects, but in middle school, your child will likely have multiple teachers for classes. The good news is that Gracewater’s Midtown Sarasota location puts families within easy reach of some of the area’s best middle schools.

According to Great Schools, Sarasota has 57 middle schools. Great schools ranks the top 5 in each area based upon a variety of measures, including academic performance and equity. Another organization, Niche, ranks schools based on rigorous analysis of key statistics and millions of reviews from students and parents using data from the U.S. Department of Education. Ranking factors include state test scores, student-teacher ratio, student diversity, teacher quality, grade school ratings, and overall quality of the school district. Finally, U.S. News & World Report also ranks what it researches to the best in our area.

Because of the Florida Department of Education’s School Choice incentives, Gracewater parents can choose the middle school that best fits their students’ needs and aspirations, whether it’s right outside the gates or across the County.

In this second of a four-part series looking at elementary, middle, high school, and continuing education in Sarasota, we investigated a combination of rating resources to create a list of some of the top two middle schools in each category of private, charter, magnet, and public schools. Our goal is to help you make an informed comparison about the educational opportunities that surround Gracewater.

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Public Middle Schools.

Laurel Nokomis School has a school culture that is immersed in academic excellence. Their focus as educators will continue to be on preparing students for college and careers by developing essential skills and behaviors in a safe, supportive environment. Their teachers provide relevant, engaging content while building strong relationships with all students and families. According to the Niche report, Laurel Nokomis School remains in the top two percent of area schools for student achievement.

Sarasota Middle School’s goal is to support its students with a caring heart and a listening ear. Its warm and welcoming culture and environment of academic excellence is fueled by high expectations. They are an A-Rated School for several years in a row and credit that success with the quality of their teaching staff and the accomplishments of their 1,100+ students.

Charter Middle Schools.

The Sarasota School of Arts & Sciences (SSA+S) is a public, charter middle school that is an educational foundation built upon encouragement, inclusiveness, exploration, and personal growth. We believe that community begins in the middle school classroom, where our students and their families are invited to meet new challenges, discover their potential, and enjoy positive learning experiences, together. At SSA+S, they seek to create a culture that promotes collaboration, individual needs, and high academic achievement.

Sarasota Military Academy, founded in 2002, is a nonprofit, tuition-free, public charter school with two unique campuses offering quality academics, character and leadership development. It is committed to preparing students for college, careers, and citizenship by cultivating character based upon the steadfast values of honor, integrity, and respect.

Magnet Middle Schools.

Ranked first in Sarasota County Middle Schools and third in public middle schools in Florida, Pine View Middle School is located in nearby Osprey and has a student population of 1,800+. Here 100 percent of students scored at or above the proficient level for math and reading. With a low teacher ratio of 18:1 and all 103 full-time teachers are certified educators.

Brookside Middle School ranks sixth overall among Sarasota County middle schools. Home to over 750 students, Brookside is the perfect choice for those students with a passion for marine science. Their Marine Science Academy within Brookside Middle is where students engage in hands-on learning both inside the classroom and in a state-of-the-art marine science lab, as well as outside of school in field experience on land and on the water.

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Best Schools Accommodating Grades PK – 12.

Elevation Preparatory Academy (EPA) was founded in June of 2013 as the academic component for the growing number of specialized sports academies in the Sarasota/Bradenton area. EPA is a coed multicultural private school which serves grades 8 through 12. Students representing 80 countries have attended EPA since its inception. EPA attracts highly motivated student/athletes from all over the world, whose ultimate goal is to matriculate to college in the United States. EPA’s diverse curriculum, unique student body, flex scheduling, competitive pricing, and specialized programs provide a one of a kind educational experience.

Sarasota’s longest-established private Christian school, Sarasota Christian School has been named the Best School and the Best Preschool by Family Living Magazine’s reader’s choice poll. Founded in 1958, Sarasota Christian School began with only 15 students and has grown into a community of over 450 students and 1,000 alumni.

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